Week 8 Progress

I have made fantastic progress in this class! (being that I am writing this assignment for week 8 during week 4). The only trouble I have had in working this far ahead is not being able to do project comments for the other students. I have also not been actively working on my project while I am focusing on getting many of the Blog assignments done, since I really like to focus on one big thing at a time. It is okay though, since I am still ahead of the curve on even the project assignments at this current point. There is not any substantial change I want to make for the second half of the semester other than being closer to getting finished, so that I can take a sigh of relief. I have a 8 week class coming up, and from what I understand it is pretty hard, so I have just been trying to get as much done in this class as I can while I have the extra free time. I think as of right now I am on the right track for success in this class!

Week 8 Comments and Feedback

Image LinkThe comments I receive on my blogpost are almost always quality responses. I think the criticism is a little on the low side, but overall I know what I am doing right, so I know the things that are working for me because of these responses.
I think that before I started having to do the assignments over feedback strategies, my comments were pretty weak. I mostly just pointed out what I thought a fellow student did well, never including what I was confused on or think could be improved. The assignments that forced us to respond in this way helped me formulate actual helpful criticism, and for that I am thankful.
I really like the get to know you section, and I think my introduction blogpost is still a good representation of who I am. I am glad many people seem to have found my advice for lazy people helpful!
As of right now I wouldn't change anything about the feedback structure. It is easy to navigate, and helpful to look at what others think of my work.

Week 8 Reading and Writing

This is the image theme for my project website. I really like this image because it shows a wonderous blend of both earth and the cosmos majestic nature, all in one shot.
I think I am doing pretty well on my ability to retain information on the reading, and my notes have been mostly consisting of listing each individual plot point and event, which is really easy to follow when actually writing my story. I like the majority of my blogposts, and the project on my website is keeping my interest, which is a good sign.The writing for my blogposts started out sort of rough besides for the first story, but now that I have been more keen on staying as relevant as possible to the weeks reading, I'd say it is going well. I think my biggest accomplishment in the stories thus far is my two short humorous tales that I wrote. One on Rama's story, and the other on Bhima and Hanuman's encounter. I think they are easy to read, fun, and entertaining. I enjoyed writing them.My favorite readin…

Week 7 Story: Hanuman's Knowledge

It was like any other day for the great hero Bhima. A couple of lions slayed here, a couple of elephants thrown around there. Yes, mercilessly slaying animals in nature, the typical hobbies of a grand and stoic hero. Then came along however, a monkey blocking the young man's path. Bhima could have simply walked around the monkey sure, but a hero loves inventing challenges out of thing air, so he decided to forcibly remove the monkey from the road. Quite the impeccable idea from young Bhima indeed.To Bhima's shock and the narrators surprise though, the monkey would not budge, even with the mighty hero's full strength."You are no ordinary ape. Display to me your true form great one!" Bhima demanded.The monkey grew to the size of a giant."I am Hanuman, devout follower of Rama, and son of..."Bhima walked between Hanuman's legs and continued along the path."Hey! You! You should really listen when someone's talking!" Hanuman stammered."…

Reading Notes: The Mahabharata Part D

Image Link Bhima's path is blocked by Hanuman.Bhima tries to pick up Hanuman by the tail. He is unsuccessful.Bhima then asks Hanuman to show his true formHanuman does this and grows gigantic.Bhima uses this opportunity to just walk between Hanuman's legs.Hanuman then asks Bhima if he is sure he wants to leave, for he has knowledge that could benefit bhima.Bhima tells Hanuman he will listen.Hanuman starts and Bhima immediately falls asleep.Hanuman wakes him up and Bhima then assures him he will listen carefully this time.Hanuman talks of many great things: the story of Rama, the first age of Krita Yuga, the Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and the Kali Yuga.At the end of it all, Bhima is nodding his head.Hanuman asks if Bhima found this information enlightening, to which Bhima replies "Uhhhhh. Can you repeat all that?"Hanuman embraces Bhima.

Reading Notes: The Mahabharata Part C

  Image Link

I want to try my shot at a shorter story this week, since all of my stories thus far have been longer in length. I want this to cover the encounter Bhima has with Hanuman in Part C. I would like to convey Bhima's simple straightforward nature, and Hanuman's godly demeanor in a fun way. I think my version of this tale will be a bit more light hearted and humorousthan the original. I think making this whole encounter comedic will be fun, and I have an interesting and funny idea to end the story off on.

Week 6 Story: Vari and Deka

There once was a kingdom of elves. People called this place the Elvin Kingdom, and it had been secluded in a part of the world for centuries. The high walls commanded privacy from the outside world, and no one residing outside those walls would disturb this land. It so happened that on one fateful night, the King of only 7 years had left this world early due to an unexpected heart attack. The king's name was Pandus, and he left behind three princes before his passing.The man who took over the crown was the younger brother of Pandus, Dharka. Dharka already had four sons of his own. Abrupt it was that the next individuals in line for the throne changed, and with this change, contempt arose. The most pungent emitter of this ghastly contempt was a young man named Vari, first born of Pandus. Vari was the most gifted in martial combat of all the princes. He not only was the mightiest warrior, but he was the most loved of all the princes. Vari was handsome and charming, he had a way with…